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Very happy with the work you did on mine. I highly recommend you :)
Stephanie T
Got a virus in the computer I am on now. Shea had it fixed by day's end and was the most cost efficient. I have 2 more that need fixing so Shea will get these too. I can fix most things that go wrong but the tough stuff I send to Shea. You do it too.
Gwen S
I own a coin laundry in Toronto, which has a commercial pickup and delivery business. While the business had a website, the site did not list many of our services, nor did it reflect the quality image I was trying to project to my customer base.

I was referred to Shea Layton by a trusted business colleague. In a very short period of time, Shea was able to put together a very professional looking web site at an affordable price. It has been about a week since weve put up the site, and Ive had numerous positive comments. In fact, I landed one customer (a spa) who I know came from seeing the site. That customer alone will pay for the cost of the site.

I welcome anyone to come take a look at the site I am proud of it.

Thanks again Shea.
Doug Brown, Owner, The Laundry Centre
As a perfectly satisfied customer, I'll say he's awesome with computers and much much cheaper than anybody else you will call. Heck, he will even meet you on the side of Hwy 160 to pick it up.
Anita H
I have been working with Shea for two years now and have found his services to be invaluable. Hes down to earth, easy going, professional, timely and most importantly the work gets done! If you need the services of a programmer or computer tech, go to Shea first.
Sean Ballantyne, Manager of Operations for AACTION Casting.
We use Shea for all our computer work! Would never trust anyone else to have access to all my personal info, Highway 160 Promise research, or legal documents I use with my job.
Amy C
I have been using Shea's services for several years now on a few of my websites (4 and counting). He's the go-to guy. Shea's a real gem in the computer industry, his work is reliable, quick and reasonably priced.
Claude Limberger, President, Pug Enterprises Inc.
Shea Layton the computer doctor is the BEST!!
Brianna B
Ours has been running great! Thanks for fixing that mess up!
Kristy H